ellen calhoun studio outside

Ellen Calhoun brings 11 years of experience and a passion for parks and environmental education to Studio Outside management. She possesses an expertise with visual communication and excels at creating meaningful images that clearly present complex ideas about composition, program, and people. Ellen enjoys a dedication to create high quality design and product. Inspired by enhancing people's lives and experiences, Ellen strives to create designs that allow people to connect visually and cognitively with nature.

With a multi-generational family tradition of ranching and gardening in southern Missouri, Ellen's work focuses equally on both aesthetic and pragmatic concerns. Her heritage grounds her in stewardship of the land and managing working landscapes.

Ellen has a Bachelor degree of Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University and a secondary degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. When not working, Ellen enjoys renovating her 100-year-old house and escaping outdoors in her Oak Cliff neighborhood. She is currently a board member with Twelve Hills Nature Center, volunteering her hours working on their master plan.