micah sexton studio outside

Micah Sexton mission as an environmental visionary is to discover and amplify the existing features of a site. He seeks out the characteristics that make up a place then builds upon their strongest elements, whether it is rock formations, water, desert, or flora. Micah brings a holistic design approach along with a realist perspective to his projects. 

His work focuses primarily on high-end residences where he designs, manages, and oversees construction. Micah values close relationships with clients and contractors and interfaces with them regularly to create custom living spaces. With a keen eye for craftsmanship, materiality, and design, Micah has a hands on approach when it comes to project implementation. 

Micah grew up in a mountain home near Pikes Peak, Colorado where he spent most of his childhood exploring and observing the natural world, ecological processes, and land marks that create a place. Micah is a creative thinker and has adamantly pursued the design profession since he was five when he discovered Legos. In high school he built wood models and took architectural drafting classes, which led him to study Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University. Micah is a mixed martial artist, mountaineer, and rally car racing enthusiast