ao shi studio outside

Ao Shi joined the Studio Outside team in September 2014 as a landscape designer. She has nearly fourteen years of art drawing education and constantly strives to carry her sensitivity to beauty into landscape design to create places as inspirations for people. After receiving her Bachelor's degree of arts in China, she came to Texas A&M University to get her Masters in landscape architecture. With the undergraduate education in architecture, interior design, and landscape design, her design approach focuses on both the formation of space and the interaction between people and the space. Study abroad in Germany in 2013 was really the milestone in her life journey. She was able to travel across Europe and look for inspirations for both design and her own life. She has a passion for high-quality urban design, residential design, and sustainable practices.

When away from work, Ao enjoys spending her time with friends, in the gym, or relaxing at the patio. She has an interest and some talent in handicraft and likes decorating her home with her own creations.