gair abbud studio outside

Gair Ruben Abbud is an ardent and passionate designer, he is a true believer of the new urbanism initiative and of the influence the disciplines of landscape architecture and urban design can have on the future of communities, cities and the social order. This passion and enthusiasm for outdoor design led him to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Texas Tech University. 

Gair joined Studio Outside in September of 2016, prior to that, he lived in Chicago for four months and before that Mexico City for two years. As a vivid advocate of human scale, walkable and public interest design, Gair needed to understand and immerse himself in these great urban centers. This experience solidified his ideas and values, it allowed him to further comprehend the importance of green spaces, public areas and pedestrian systems and how these are crucial in the development of livable communities. Abroad, he obtained experience in residential planning, landscape and campus design, as well as urban development and revitalization. After this experience, Gair decided to move back to the United States to continue his personal and professional growth. He believes that in the U.S the fields of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design are in a transitional phase of maturity, innovation and adaptation, and he is determined to become part of this evolution.

Outside the firm, Gair can be found cycling and hiking outdoors or exploring new parts of town or of the world. He is a big fan of new experiences, enjoys meeting new people and lives by his favorite quote from Andre Gide “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”