giannis koutsou studio outside

Giannis Koutsou is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Iowa State University studying landscape architecture. His interest in landscape architecture derived from his passion to design for underserved communities and struggling ecosystems. He believes that landscape architects should be the leaders of multidisciplinary teams that design and shape our world.

Through his undergraduate academic studies, he has realized that urban design is his true passion. He also minors in urban studies and sustainability to understand better the ideas and concepts that shape our world. He believes that the public realm is the only accessible and open environment to the people and it should be everyone’s right to enjoy successfully designed public spaces within the built environment. His favorite part about design is the creative design process which involves brainstorming and challenging concepts and ideas. While in school, he tries to design with social and environmental consciousness by achieving real life problem solutions for the people.

Outside of landscape architecture he shares his passions for music and the ocean. He has been playing the guitar since he was 10 and he holds professional diplomas in lifeguarding. He also enjoys freediving, windsurfing, skiing or being out with his friends.