gwendolyn mcginn studio outside

Gwendolyn Cohen graduated from the University of Virginia with a Master Degree in Landscape Architecture and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. As a graduate student, she studied tree roots as a dynamic element of the living ground. Gwen’s interest in dynamic systems translates directly to her large-scale site work including Texas prairie restorations, and master planning projects. Her work often considers scientific theory and thoughtful moments of joyful whimsy.

Gwen is interested in the subtle differences of place, and how research can inform the design of a site. As a part of the restoration of Heritage Park Plaza in Fort Worth, Gwen developed an ideological framework for the restoration based on her analysis of the site and the park’s original design intent. This framework served as a base to ground all design decisions in the park’s restoration. She continues to be the research lead for public gardens, mater planning, and neighborhood visioning projects, and works with her team to develop designs that reflect the systems and stories of site.

She is fascinated by novel ecologies in urban spaces, and strives to always bring these interests in the vernacular to her projects. She is an explorer of places hidden in plain sight, and enjoys the urban wilderness that exists in the heart of Dallas.