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Jessica Clements brings a unique perspective and multidisciplinary approach to design in her work at Studio Outside. As a registered Architect with 10+ years of experience in landscape architecture and urban design her work focuses on the ‘space between buildings’ to create memorable places. Jessica’s work is inspired by the idea of creating experiential spaces through a lens of contextual systems (ecological, social, physical). She brings to her work a strength in communication:  from persuasive conceptual design graphics to conveying the design intent through the construction process. 

Jessica has been an integrated team member to several notable retail/mixed use and master plan projects at Studio Outside. In addition to her work at Studio Outside, Jessica has lectured/taught as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Texas, Arlington in the College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs. Jessica grew up in Nebraska but calls Dallas her home.  She has wanderlust and draws from her experiences in cities as best seen through the places her running shoes and bicycle take her.