keith dyer studio outside

Keith Dyer has a broad range of project experience in both design and construction. His general love of the outdoors helped foster an interest in plants, and golf, and led him to pursue a degree in landscape architecture. A graduate of Purdue University, Keith has had the opportunity to work for companies in Indiana, Florida, and Texas, in both the design and construction industries. He has completed projects in golf course design and construction, streetscapes, parks, residential, as well as commercial and mixed used development. Mr. Dyer enjoys being involved with projects from concept through to completion and most enjoys the planting design phase of most projects. Working with clients to help them realize their goals and objectives brings satisfaction at the end of the day or the end of a project. To Keith, landscape architecture is problem solving in a unique and thoughtful way specific to each new opportunity.

Away from work he is usually found spending time with family and church activities, on the golf course, the shooting range, or driving his family and neighbors crazy from behind his drum set.