A dynamic thinker with over 20 years of experience, Kent Mendenhall has practiced landscape architecture in the Los Angeles and Dallas markets. As a design leader, his interests lie in assembling creative solutions that are a balance of experience and composition. Kent is committed to extending the landscape to complement all design disciplines to support the greater good. His depth in Hospitality and Urban practice areas fosters a great alliance with the office and provides Studio Outside with additional expertise. He is a rare professional that is passionate about providing conscientious design for the experience of others. Kent has led award winning projects across the globe with focused experience in North America, Middle East and Asia. Kent is invested in the research and design potentials in landscape architecture and serves on the Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning Advisory council at Kansas State University.

Kent lives in east Dallas and has two boys, who together are exploring the area creeks and open space. Outside of the office, Kent frequents as much live music as life will allow, and as his last legal vice, Kent goes out of his way to visit Frank Lloyd Wright works where possible. Currently he has photo-documented 236+ Wright buildings which equates to approximately 55% of the legend’s extant work.