vanessa ngo studio outside

Vanessa Ngo joined the family in May 2018 after graduating with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University. In her studies, she discovered a new form of passion that could positively impact people and their behaviors while being immersed in nature. With design, she realized the possibilities in providing a multitude of opportunities to benefit a community in which they can thrive in.

Along with understanding community needs, she believes that extensive research in using interactive technological advances is a necessity that justifies creative ideas. Learning is of vital importance to Vanessa. Her minor in philosophy has empowered her curiosity and encourages everyone to push their limits. She is very passionate about people and finds ways to provide opportunities to do the things that inspire them.  

Beyond her studies, she invests her time and resources volunteering in developing countries. She has renovated and taught sustainable building techniques with sparse resources in Nepal and Kenya, which has expanded her knowledge in creative self-sufficiency and appreciation for "what is". She also enjoys participating in community outreach programs and finding inspiration through a person's “why”. She lives a healthy and active lifestyle, but enjoys her down time with family, challenging conventional ways of thinking, and adventuring with her small beagle-Otto.