studio outside dallas texas


Established in 2010, Studio Outside is a landscape architectural practice in Dallas, Texas, that thrives on the challenge of projects which demand a comprehensive intellectual, artistic and collaborative design process. 

Passionate about all facets of landscape architecture, our studio has completed projects of many types and locations around the world, ranging widely from high-profile public spaces to high-end residential properties.

Our passion for design drives us to pursue projects that require original thought and intense detailing, drawing upon years of experience with many cultures and a wide diversity of construction techniques. We aspire to design places that demand a thoughtful and refined aesthetic while also incorporating sensitivity and intrigue for the human experience.

what we value

We believe that what sets us apart is our office culture of personal investment in relationships. Our passion for what we do makes it personal, within both the culture of our firm and the client relationships we cultivate. We care about what we do because of the enthusiastic people we work with.

We care about creating artful places through design with thoughtful intent - by thinking critically about the context we are working in, by envisioning the highest use of a place, and by realizing that a successful landscape is as poetic as it is practical.

We seek to uncover the potential in working with a diversity of sites. No two places are the same, and in expressing their unique qualities our work becomes more meaningful. We try to achieve a balance between using our experience to guide the process while staying excited about the prospect of discovery.

We design to innovate, and yet with a sense of responsibility. An embedded sustainability where physical, economic, social, and environmental goals are interconnected. Through this design approach we are stewards of the client, our surroundings, and ourselves.

We work through collaboration and believe we are just one piece to the whole in finding a solution. Aligning ourselves with people from a multitude of professions, communities, and backgrounds is what excites us about the process of creating great places.

We are a collective set of personalities, working to design great places through many means and methods. Through it all, our work will endure beyond us, leaving the community with not just places to be, but experiences to share.